Why one supporter wants fluoride removed from Irish Water

Thanks to a supporter who gave us her personal account of why she wants fluoride chemicals out of Ireland's water supply. 
"I was born in 1965, the year the Irish Government began force fluoridating our water. Shortly after my father's teeth became very brown and his bones became really painful he developed arthritis and was diagnosed with Bright's disease, a kidney disorder. He was treated with steroids and other experimental drugs and suffered quite a few side effects. His treatments made him too weak to stand a kidney transplant and he died in 1988, aged just 45. So, if anyone wonders why I am such a crusader against fluoride being in Irish water, it is because I will never know for sure whether the decision to fluoridate our water made by Fianna Fail in the 1960s, contributed to my Father's illness and death. Many people in our family have auto-immune disorders like thyroid, asthma, arthritis, and gluten intolerance. Studies exist which show that many of these conditions are made worse when people drink fluoridated water. The evidence that fluorides are lethal for people with renal failure is quite stark. If you know someone with kidney disease protect them - help us to make Irish water fluoride free".