Our Friends In Dallas Need Help To End Fluoridation

Dallas needs your help! The Mayor and City Council will be meeting in less then two weeks, on Wednesday, January 28th to vote on whether or not to purchase fluoridation chemicals for 2015. The pivotal vote could end artificial water fluoridation for over 1.2-million people in the Dallas metro area (including many suburbs like Irving, Grand Prairie, Cedar Hill), and would make Dallas the largest city in the U.S. without fluoridation. Ultimately, the vote could have a significant impact on fluoride-free campaigns throughout North America and possibly the world.

Two things working in our favour are:

  • Several council members have already voiced their opposition to fluoridation.

  • The untreated groundwater in Dallas already has a natural fluoride level of 0.5ppm.

But we still need a few more councilors on our side to be successful. The council was originally planning to vote on fluoridation during their December 10th meeting but chose to postpone the decision until January 28th to give them time to gather more information. 

For the past year, Dallas councilors have heard from a creative and well-organized group of local campaigners led by Regina Imburgia, and from a handful of local professionals about the need to end fluoridation and the risks associated with continuing the practice. They have also heard from FAN’s Director, Paul Connett, PhD, who testified in June, and from Bill Osmunson, DDS, MPH, who joined Dr. Connett at a town hall event in October. 

BUT THIS IS NOT A DONE DEAL. While several council members have been won over, local campaigners have been told that they need more votes to win. This is why they need our help. 

You can read the request for help directly from Fluoride Action North Texas in this press releaseWe have also set up five steps you can take right now to help the residents of Dallas end fluoridation:  

How you can help end fluoridation in Dallas: 

1. Please submit written testimony

Send your email via the city secretary and ask that she share with the council members: 

Rosa A. Rios

Email:  [email protected] 

It’s important that we repeatedly ask councilors, "Do you really want children in Dallas to be drinking water containing a neurotoxic chemical?”  If you need talking points please visit the following links:

-Video of Paul Connett’s Dallas Testimony

-Video of Dallas Town Hall Event

-FAN’s 10 Facts Handout

2. Sign the Dallas Petition

3. Please help them get their great PSA on the air in Dallas.  Ivan Esteves, a passionate filmmaker, organized the production of the PSA (Public Service Announcement) with Ed Begley Jr. to air on TV and internet in the biggest cities in America. Visit their Indiegogo Campaign called “Help Get the F Out!” to learn how you can support the PSA effort.

4. Contact Fluoride Action North Texas to get involved further 

          Email:[email protected]

Phone: (214) 597 5038 

Website           Facebook Page 

Thank you for taking the time to support this important campaign. Please share this message with others in your network who oppose fluoridation. Together we can end this practice once and for all.