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    The aim of the Naked Calendar is

    1) Raise awareness about fluoride in the water

    2) Raise funds to pay for international expert witnesses to testify
    in the up and coming High Court case.
  • Campaign Awareness
    In order for The Girl Against Fluoride to take a successful case against the Irish
    Government in a bid to end this policy of mandatory water fluoridation we need to
    continue to develop a successful awareness campaign throughout the country,
    in the media and through social networking.
    You can help us to spread awareness of this campaign by sharing our page with
    your family, friends and colleagues!
  • Ireland Close to Banning Fluoridation
    We explain why.
    'The Girl Against Fluoride' is taking the Irish Government
    to court because they continue to add dangerous and
    untested chemicals to the Irish drinking water supply.

    In nearly 50 years they haven't produced any testing to
    show that it's safe and it's NOT!
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    Removes Fluoride & other chemicals in your water!
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The Girl Against Fluoride

Aisling FitzGibbon aka 'The Girl Against Fluoride' is taking legal action against the Irish Government to end the policy of mandatory water fluoridation of public water supplies. Since its inception there has been a growing body of scientific evidence demonstrating the harmful effects brought about through the consumption of fluoride.

We are one of the world's sickest nations!

Help end water fluoridation today!

With the help of our Pro-Bono legal team we are taking a high court legal action against the Irish State to end the policy of water fluoridation in Ireland. In order for us to be successful in taking this case we will need to pay for expert witnesses to be flown in from all over the world to give their professional testimony. The cost of this will be substantial and so we really need all the financial support that we can get. Please help us in this battle by donating whatever you can. Every cent donated helps takes us one step closer to achieving our goal. Thank you!

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